As I am writing this, I am sat on a bus headed towards Birmingham and the UK Games Expo.  For those who aren’t in the know, it’s the biggest convention for tabletop gaming in the UK.  As an avid board and card game player, it is definitely something that attracts my attention. I came for one day last year, and this year I’m here for most of the weekend and I’m so excited for it.

This journey, not so much.  The motorway is not the most inspiring of views!

My weekend away brings to a close the first full week that I’ve had off work for a while.  And I like to think that I haven’t wasted my free time.

Monday was a wonderfully relaxed day.  I had a lie in (unheard of!), grabbed a spot of breakfast with Michael at Weatherspoons, and then just relaxed.  Sorted my bedroom pit a little, sorted the nail varnish shelves.  Chilled.  Something that my life doesn’t allow very often.

Tuesday was a day for games and more eating out.  Yep, at Weatherspoons again. Games wise, I played Betrayl on House on the Hill and X-Wing and had an absolute blast.

I am really getting into X-Wing, which pleases me immensely.  Miniatures games are something I’ve struggled with previously….so many models, so many numbers.  Not that I can’t follow a game like that through, I can…but honestly, having to keep track of so much just reduces the enjoyment for me.  X-Wing does very much away with a lot of the things I don’t like about Warhammer and the like.  Dice rolls are simple.  Not too many stats to worry about.  No lookup tables.  Plus, I got to be the Millenium Falcon.  That instantly makes it awesome.

Wednesday, I went to play D&D at Michael’s weekly group.  I have previously played with Michael and Megan, but by Michael’s own admission, he is not experienced at being the Dungeon Master, so he was keen for me to experience a session with someone who is.


The guy at his group certainly is!  He was absolutely awesome.  He helped me quickly generate a character, and then we got started. The group was very inclusive; I was worried that being such a newbie would lead to me being ignored or worse, singled out in some way.  That didn’t happen at all.  The DM made sure to include me, and the group itself was so welcoming.  I had an absolute blast.  In fact, the only negative I took away was the fact that I can’t go back to that particular group as it’s a daytime one. I hate being an adult sometimes.

Before we went to the group, Michael took me to a noodle place he now usually frequents before D&D on a Wednesday.  Their noodles were delicious.  I’ll happily go back for more 🙂

Then last night, I packed!

This “episode” of What I’ve been up to Wednesday *is* a few hours (*cough* a day *cough*) but honestly, I’ve just been too busy having a good time.  Here’s hoping the next few days are as equally good.

Bus selfie!

Til next time,