So this is a page, all about moi?  Okay then, so what exactly does one say here usually?  Let’s go for the basics.


My name is Lindsay, I’m a 33 year old lass from the North East of England.  Blonde by nature (although my current blonde is lighter than my natural shade!) and very much blonde by nurture.  I’m a big and bubbly girl on a journey of self acceptance and body positivity.  My weight is just a number, it doesn’t define me.

I am learning to love the skin that I’m in.  If you don’t like that, jog along.

My interests include pursuits of the geeky variety, such as science fiction (I’m a trekkie and proud), board games and (sometimes) video games.  I am a HUGE TMNT fan, and my comic universe of choice is Marvel (X-Men how I love thee).  I love to draw and paint, watch Formula 1, listen to music and sing along VERY LOUDLY.

I’m a wannabe mermaid, my favourite movie is The Little Mermaid (to the point that my first tattoo is lyrics on my back from Part of Your World), overall lover of disney and mammy to four fluffy kittens.

My favourite colour is pink.

Cheese is life.

I’ve been told that my take on a persons relationship with tea is akin to that of a religious person’s relationship with God.  Would you like to know my feelings on it?  Sure you do!

A person’s relationship with tea is deeply personal. There is no right or wrong way to drink tea; how you prepare it, what you add to it….it’s entirely down to you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing it wrong. You want to sweeten the most delicate of white tea with 5 heaped teaspoons of sugar? Go for it; I won’t judge you.  I reserve my right to not drink it that way myself, but I wouldn’t never attempt to stop you.

really like tea.

(Coffee too)

I am polyamorous and bisexual; married to Michael and girlfriend to Paul.

I am not shy about my mental health struggles.  I medicate for both depression and anxiety, and have been through 3 rounds of therapy in the past 4 years as well as anger management.  I believe that the stigma associated with mental health illnesses needs to end, and the first step in the right direction is simply to talk about our experiences.

You want to be my friend?  Awesome.  I consider myself an extremely easy person to get along with; I like to go with the flow.  Come find me!

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Lindsay x